At Mitchell Veterinary Hospital, we believe that your pet’s psychological well being is just as important as it’s physical well being. Training helps relieve anxiety in pets by letting them know the expectations we have for them and what boundaries we are setting. Consistency and reward based training also help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. A well trained pet is a joyful member of the family and can be content in knowing how they are expected to behave. This can relieve anxiety for both you and your pet.

We have puppy and adult classes going on throughout the year. Erica Owenby, one of our veterinary assistants, is also a certified dog trainer. She took classes and earned her training certificate through Animal Behavior College.

All of our classes run for 6 weeks and are held at the hospital from 6 pm to 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Puppy classes are $99 and adult obedience is $110.

All dogs must have proof of current vaccines if not patients of ours. You can call the office to reserve your spot or show up at the first class.