Mitchell Veterinary Hospital provides surgical and dental procedures. From spays and neuters to tumor removals and full dental cleanings and extractions, we can do it all.

If your pet needs anesthesia, you can rest assured it will be performed with your pet’s health and safety as our first priority. Our hospital performs pre surgical blood testing on all patients 5 years of age or older and highly recommends it for younger patients. Blood screening can detect underlying problems that may not always be obvious on physical examination. These pre existing conditions could increase the risks of anesthesia if not known. Having that information can help us tailor the best anesthetic and surgery protocol for your pets and to ensure a safe and easy recovery.

All patients have an intravenous catheter placed and IV fluids administered during their anesthetic procedure. This allows IV access in case emergency medications are needed and provides hydration and blood pressure support for your pet.

We also closely monitor your pet while under anesthesia. We utilize both hands monitoring by an assistant and via the latest in surgical monitoring equipment. We do not take anesthesia lightly. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our priority. If you have any questions about your pet’s procedures, please call us.